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Do you have a new puppy?

Do you have a new puppy? Did you know that socializing your puppy is very important in the early stages? Let’s discuss why and how this is beneficial . From the time you bring your puppy home begin by having family members hold and pet your puppy. Consider having a new puppy party with friends […]

If you have a calm dog that loves people consider taking the steps to get your pet certified!

Fowler, Bella, and Brody finished their pet therapy classes and are showing off their perfect stay. The two Goldendoodles are preparing for their pet therapy evaluation. Fowler, the brown and white cattle dog is now officially a certified pet therapy dog with Pets For Life. He visits a psychiatric facility for children that provides care […]

What Do You Do When You Cannot Take Your Pets With You On Vacation?

You have the vacation of your life coming up, but you are worried about leaving your fur children home. What are your options? How can you make sure that they are taken care of? Will they miss you? Will they get depressed when you are away for awhile? Will they be lonely? Will they get […]

Teaching Your Dog Emergency Recall

Teaching Dogs Recall

Does your dog run out the door and will not come back for anything? Does your dog take off to chase a squirrel or rabbit? Has your dog gotten out of its collar or harness? Has the leashed slipped out of your hand and you could not get your dog to come back to you? […]

What is the difference between a certified therapy pet, emotional support animals and a service dog?

All service dogs have a particular job to do, are trained to perform tasks and can do things for their handler who has a disability. They require much more extensive training than therapy pets or emotional support animals. Service dogs help the person be more independent and safe. Without a service dog the person would be limited […]

Is Pet Insurance Really Necessary

A few years ago, we had a cat named Sophie that had diabetes. She was diagnosed when she was a year old. She had complications of low blood sugar, Pancreatitis, Hypokalemia, Hepatic Lipidosis and infections. Over Sophie’s life time, we spent approximately $10,000 trying to manage her disease. We had another pet named Carly that had […]

Your dog will benefit from increased circulation, relaxation, calmness and more…

Maverick and I did a Doga class with N2Paws . We had a blast and were very relaxed afterwards. You may be wondering what is this Doga stuff? Doga combines massage and meditation with gentle stretching for dogs and their owners. Both you and your pet will benefit from practicing this mindfulness-based exercise together. Doga […]


Do you work long hours? Do you have to run home after work to let your pet out. Taking your dog to daycare will make your evenings much calmer. You can run those much needed errands that you have been putting off. You will have a tired pet which will be ready for dinner and […]


If you have hired a dog trainer or are taking dog training classes, I am sure they told you that you need to practice daily. If you only practice during your training sessions, your training will not be successful. You need to practice every day. You are probably thinking how will I ever be able […]

Teaching Your Dog to Walk Nicely on a Leash

Preparing for the Walk Pulling on the leash can begin as soon as your dog sees the leash and knows it is time for a walk. If the walk begins out of control, the mood is set for the entire walk. Putting on the Leash Before expecting your dog to walk calmly on the leash, train […]

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