We Love Pets Training

We offer a variety of training options. We can work with you on training your dog or we can train them for you. We also offer cat training. We cater to your needs and schedule.

Private Dog Training

  • In-home pet training with you
  • We can train your dog while you are at work
  • Cat and dog behavior issues
  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Training

Puppy Training

  • Potty Training
  • Fixing those pesky puppy behaviors
  • Puppy Proofing Your Home
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Teach your puppy to become a calm happy member of your family
  • Learn all the basic training commands

Pet Therapy Training

  • Visit hospitals with your pet
  • Programs for visiting elderly in assisted living
  • Read to a dog in schools
  • Stress relief for students

Success Stories

  • She sat so beautiful and played nice

    Wanted to give you an update how great "Patience" did with our grandchildren and kids on our trip to Colorado this weekend. We are thankful for the training we received from you. She sat so beautiful and played nice with our 4 year old granddaughters...

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  • We Do Cat Training Also!

    I worked with Tussian and Sullivan who is the new cat in the family. Tussian was having a problem accepting the new cat member in the family. We worked on some training introducing him to Sullivan slowly. Now they are getting along great. Tussian and...

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  • He has mastered sit, stay and come at a distance

    I have had the privilege of working with Sylas, the Shar Pei puppy and his family.  Sylas had a lot of puppy energy. We taught him games to expend his energy.  He is now playing the find it game for treats, he will crawl, his...

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  • Bailey is much calmer after these games.

    ​​I have been working with a ​​Manchester Terrier named Bailey in Olathe. She is 5 months old. She has so much energy and plays so rough that she was breaking the skin on her mom's arms. We worked with Bailey and her family on rewarding her when...

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  • We would not be where we are with her if it wasn’t for Christine!

    Christine with We Love Pets Training has done an amazing job with our new puppy!  At just 6 months she knows all of her basic commands and so much more!  Our baby is smart, but we would not be where we are with her if it wasn't for Christine!...

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  • I have noticed improvement in his behavior

    My puppy learned a lot and so did I. It helped me to understand his behavior. I have noticed improvement in his behavior. Training was easy and instructions were clear. The group was great, the instructor is very experienced and the class was not to crowded....

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  • The instructor related the training to the real world

    Christine is very knowledgeable about dog training. I liked performing training in a social atmosphere with all the distractions in general. I liked how the instructor related the training to the real world. - Shannon, Gretta and Gracie Olathe, KS.

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  • Macy loves Christine and is always happy to see her

    Christine with We Love Pets Training has done a great job helping Our little Macy to be more socialized with other dogs . Macy is a 1 and 1/2 year old mini Havanese dog weighing about 7 lbs . So yes, she is little compared to other dogs and not sure what...

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  • You taught us how to keep calm…

    Hi Christine, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you so much for all the help, tips and tools you gave us in training Dottie. Her high-energy demeanor, on top of being a rescue, was making me crazy with her barking and agitation in the...

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  • He learned all of the commands

    I wanted to thank you for the Graduation Party last night for Cooper. He enjoyed showing off all the things he learned during his training. Robin and I felt the class was very worthwhile. I especially liked the way you handled the training in such a...

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