Puppy Training

We can’t wait to help you with your puppy! We help families throughout Johnson County, KS!



We can train any puppy, no matter what breed you have, how old they are or what their temperament is like. Our programs are customized for you and create lasting changes in your puppy’s behavior. They are perfectly convenient – we’ll come to your home.

We can even go out into the community together to make sure your puppy becomes socialized and listens to you everywhere you go, even with lots of distractions. We can help you with your training needs as your puppy grows up.  




Bare Bones
This program is for those who just need a little help with their pet including a behavioral issue you cannot conquer. It includes 2 private lessons in your home, and 2 commands. We will also resolve 1 behavioral issue during the lesson.
In-Home Evaluation*
2 Private Lessons
2 Commands
Resolution of 1 Behavior
ONLY $200
Dog's Breed
Dog's Age
Perfect Dog
This program gives you the absolute best training experience! We’ll not only have lessons together at your home but we’ll also go on “field trips” (lessons in the community to ensure that your dog will listen to you everywhere you go).
In-Home Evaluation*
6 Private Lessons
8 Commands
Resolution of Any Behaviors
BONUS: Some Training Equipment Included
BONUS: Unlimited Email Support for 6 months
ONLY $525
Dog's Breed
Dog's Age
Just the Basics
This program is for families who want to get even more out of their dog training efforts. It includes 4 private lessons in your home. We’ll teach your dog 5 commands and work on 2 unwanted behaviors together.
In-Home Evaluation*
4 Private Lessons
5 Commands
Resolution of 2 Behaviors
ONLY $375
Dog's Breed
Dog's Age




Private Dog Training

  • In-home pet training with you
  • Cat and dog behavior issues
  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Training

Puppy Training

  • Potty Training
  • Fixing those pesky puppy behaviors
  • Puppy Proofing Your Home
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Teach your puppy to become a calm happy member of your family
  • Learn all the basic training commands

Pet Therapy Training

  • Visit hospitals with your pet
  • Programs for visiting elderly in assisted living
  • Read to a dog in schools
  • Stress relief for students

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