Bailey is much calmer after these games.

​​I have been working with a ​​Manchester Terrier named Bailey in Olathe. She is 5 months old. She has so much energy and plays so rough that she was breaking the skin on her mom’s arms. We worked with Bailey and her family on rewarding her when she is calm and when she bites saying “Ouch” in a high pitch and once she stops giving her a chew toy to chew on instead. We have also been working on ways to wear Bailey out. Of course walking and daycare will do the trick, but we have also added giving her a frozen Kong and they are now playing the “Find It Game” with her. They put her in a sit and stay. Then they hide treats around the house and say “Find It”. Bailey love this game. She uses her nose and eyes and finds every single treat. This not only wears her out physically, but also mentally. Bailey is much calmer after these games.

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