He has mastered sit, stay and come at a distance

I have had the privilege of working with Sylas, the Shar Pei puppy and his family.  Sylas had a lot of puppy energy. We taught him games to expend his energy.  He is now playing the find it game for treats, he will crawl, his mom and dad can put a trail of treats in front of him and on his paws and he will not eat them until they tell him it is okay.  He is one smart little guy.  He was potty trained quicker than normal.  We put Sylas on a potty schedule, took him to the same place in the yard each time and praised and rewarded him when he pottied outside.  He quickly learned to respond to his name, look at me, sit, being calm in his exercise pen, down, leave it, drop it, walking nicely on the leash and greeting people We are currently working on teaching Sylas to be calm around other dogs. This video shows one of Sylas’ greatest successes. He is able to do a sit, stay and come at a distance. 

Sylas and his parents are currently in my Pet Therapy class to become a certified pet therapy team. People are going to love them.

He has mastered sit, stay and come at a distance. Check out this video to see how amazing he is.

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